Thursday, August 28, 2014

A year ago...

A year ago this week,
Hagan and I rushed to the ER with the encouragement from Hagan's orthopedic doctor.

We had been told before that Hagan's spine was healthy 
and that he did not have compression of the spine,
that is common in Little People with Achondroplasia Dwarfism.

Hagan had begun to show symptoms of compression...

we took him in,
got an MRI and had emergency decompression surgery on August 26, 2013.

What a whirlwind week that was!!!

My heart broke into a million pieces,
as they wheeled him away.
We were still building trust and a bond,
how would he trust me again when I let him
have this surgery and have to recover from this major surgery.

When the doctor came out of the extra long surgery 
with tears in his eyes,
telling me that Hagan is a miracle!
That with the condition his spine was in,
he should not have made it home.

I've always known he was a miracle boy,
but when a surgeon confirms your feelings medically...
it brings this momma to her knees.

Thankful that HE brought my boy home!

Recently we received a report that his hearing is decreasing,
and we are talking another set of tubes 
and hearing aids. 

This broke my heart!!! 
Seriously, like he needs anything else to look different then anyone else.

And then a few days later, 
we had our follow-up appointment with his neurosurgeon...
and the results of his MRI from this summer.

Again, broke my heart!!!

Hagan has pinched nerves all down his lower spine.
 Causing constant, excruciating pain for my boy. 

Seriously, how does - have a smile on his face?
How does he get around?
How does he laugh and sing?
How does he have such a silly personality?
How does he have the energy to do anything -
I would be the biggest whiner e.v.e.r.!!! 

This boy is truly amazing!

He will be getting his second set of tubes in a few weeks,
and next week we meet with another doctor
concerning his spine.
Though we are looking at traveling to another specialist,
one who is more familiar with his wonderful, complex body.

Prayers are muchly appreciated!!!

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Tammy said...

Oh bless him! Definitely will be praying... sweet buddy! Thank you for loving so well my friend. <3


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