Friday, December 19, 2014

a glimpse at our baby boy!

I've watched these videos about 100 times a day
over the past few days!!

Ohhhhhh sweet boy!! 
I can't wait to hear from you!

I still don't think I can actually post the videos on
my blog - (I'm technically challenged!)
but I can send y'all the link! 
Sorry this is so hard to see of our boy -
but you won't be sorry!! 

He is adorable,
and reminds me so much of Hagan! 

He looks so serious, like Hagan is.

Can't wait to loosen this little guy up a bit!

Our friend's daughter translated the video for us,
this is what they are saying in the first video.

Put the corn there.
Get one corn for aunt to look at.
Find a big corn.
Quickly pick up the corn.
Come here.
Go get another corn.
You picked a good one! 
Don't break the corn.
Get two corn.
Get three corn.

CQZ (Video1): (password: cqz1)

And in the second video!

Come here.
Push the car,
Come here. 
Look, look mama is right here
(after he pushed the car into the corner)
Push the car to momma.
Do you see it? (when he looks into the car)

   CQZ (Video2): (password: cqz2)

His legs look so straight! 
His back looks pretty good too -
what I can see through the many layers of clothing! haha!

The great question...
When will you travel? 
Still no idea! 
We are waiting our LOA - letter of acceptance
from China,
(on day 119 of our wait - but who's counting!)
after we get that travel is about 3 months later.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three hearts joined forever

Today is my baby girls birthday.

Laynee is 5 years old today,
and my heart is breaking. 

I pray that her foster family is doing something special 
for her today. 

I pray that God is letting her know how special 
and how loved she truly is. 

Yesterday I had this overwhelming ache for her 
biological momma. 
I feel closer today to her momma then I ever had.

I miss Laynee so much and have never met her.
I ache to hold her
and comfort her.
My heart hurts to know her.
To learn what makes her giggle,
to learn what foods she likes,
what toys she likes.
To learn what is her favorite color,
and to know what makes her mad.
I ache to hear her precious voice
and soothe her hurting cry.

My heart also aches for her birth momma,
who is probably feeling the same aches today that I am.

For some reason, we may never truly know the reason,
she had to leave her.
But, I'm sure that every day she has an empty hole in her heart,
and especially today.

Today could you please pray for Laynee's birth momma.
Praying that someone will be kind to her today,
someone will bring a smile to her heart,
and share the love of Christ with her. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving pics!

I'm a little slow,
but I promised Mimi and Uncle JB some photos
from Thanksgiving,
and I want need to keep them organized!

Brady was home for a few hours before working Black Friday on Thursday -
don't get me started!

Kenzie brought her friend, Felicia, home from college!
Felicia is from Sweden.
Hopefully, she enjoyed her first American Thanksgiving.

This is the first time we had a kid table!
They loved it!!

Mimi and Uncle JB made it to town
and we were able to get out to our favorite park!

goofy boys!

adorable girls!

super hero!

side kick!
(daddy has to try it no handed - ehem - didn't make it too far!)


Happy Elijah!!!

Snuggle time!


Mimi and Griggs have a special bond!

and Griggs will lead Mimi where ever he wants to go!

and Mimi follows!

Griggs is so shy!! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

building confidence and pride

There are some academics that my son struggles with.
He works so hard at school
And comes home needing some extra
confidence building!

He loves coming home from school to help mom!
(at least on non-soccer days)

Though a few nights ago,
he told me that he didn't need my help...

and  he cooked dinner all by himself!

We just had to cheer him on!! 

I love this proud, confident face!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday surprise!

I can't believe my boy is already 7!


That is such a big number!!!!

We wanted to make this day especially special -
since he has had a very long month!
and still has long months a head of him!

The planned activity was a hit!!
For everyone!!!

Polar Express in real life!

Ohhhh the joy on that face!!!

I melt for this boy!

And real Polar Express tickets!!

Hagan didn't want to give his up!

It even snowed when we got off the train at the North Pole

Fa! La! La!

They were able to write letters to Santa too!

Sooooo much fun!
None of us had done this before and we all had a great time!

The crowd was hungry afterwards, 
so, Mom's plan of going home for hamburgers was not going to fly -
so we took the crew out to eat! 

And Hagan got a special song and treat!

That he gladly shared,

though he did make sure he got the last bite!

and then home for cake and presents!

Hagan has an incredibly full day! 
I asked him that night, "Who loves you?"
and he went through the entire family and friends who were with him
on this special day!

I love that my boy knows that he is an amazing person,
and deeply loved by sooooo many!!!! 

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Monday, November 24, 2014

E's supplements

Many of y'all have asked about Elijah supplements
 after his neurotransmitter testing.

Here they are!

He takes them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed time.

He is taking:

Vitamin D3
Phosphoresce Complex
Omega Sufficiency
Amino Acid NR
Zinc Pincolinate
Plexus SLIM
Plexus ProBio5
Plexus XFactor
Plexus BioCleanse

What do these do for him?

With these supplements we are trying to rebuild his missing 
or imbalanced enzymes and cofactors in his chemistry.
These supplements are not a bandaid that makes him behave NOW!
Rather we are trying to allow his body to heal itself.

We are not totally against med for our boy,
but we have to try this first. 
We have to think long term, not just a quick fix 
so that we can get through the day.
(though some days I sure would love that! 
for him and me!) 

Do we see a difference?

Yes and No.
we see a little boy who is learning to understand 
what his body needs,
before impulsively reacting to the need.

it's not a quick fix.

We did have a rough day yesterday,
but in the realm of "rough days'
that Elijah has had -
it was a calm, rough day.
Does that make sense?

What sets off these episodes?

Many of Elijah's episodes are set off from fear.

Fear of change is a big one!

Elijah loves his school and classroom.
Weekends are often very hard for him.
Though he loves being home and playing with the family -
it is a transition and transitions are hard.

Knowing that he has a week off of school,
and his familiar schedule,
this is very hard. 

He is also very excited that Kenzie, Uncle JB and Mimi 
are coming home for Thanksgiving!! 
We are all excited, but again, this is different,
and Elijah doesn't know what to expect.

So, we will pull him closer and give him little 
projects to help him stay focused 
and stable. 

It's a lot of work,
but it's so worth it!

Some of the kids were asking the other day,
why does Elijah do what he does,
and one reason is because he is sooooo very sensitive!

He and Jailyn tie for being the "mother hens" of the 
younger kids!
They both want to take care of their other siblings.

Every day, 
Elijah shows compassion to Hagan.
He prays for Hagan constantly,
and wants to help in anyway he can.
(Thankfully Hagan's brace scares Elijah a bit -
so he's not taking Hagan's care into his own hands. )

He is not a bad kid! 
He is a kiddo who needs healing! 
He wants so badly to make good choices!

So far, he is making better choices with these supplements.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A beautiful arch!!!


I am just speechless!

Here is a photo of Hagan's back 
just the day before surgery.

and this is his back before we left the hospital.

The first night out of surgery,
he rolled over 
and I could see the arch in his back.

I cried and cried! 

Look at that beautiful arch!!!
(the dotted line is his center of gravity -
he will be much more balanced now!!)

When we returned home from the hospital
Hagan asked me to measure him,
I giggled!

He was right!

He grew 2 inches!!! 
and is so excited to be 
taller then Griggs again!!!

Incredibly thankful for all of your prayers through out this journey!
We still have a long recovery ahead of us,
the emotional side of every thing is beginning to take a tole on 
our little man! 

Thankfully, big sister, Uncle JB and Mimi are 
coming home for Thanksgiving!
A change of scenery will be good for Hagan!


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