Thursday, March 26, 2015

A new boy!

So, y'all know how much I admire Hagan!

If you have been around this blog for any amount of time,
you know that 
he is our medical miracle for sure!!

And look at him now...

2 months out of school,
4 months in a back brace...

our boy was becoming complacent.
He never whined about his circumstances,
but he also knew that it was too hard to 
do many things -
so really,
he became a couch potato!

But look at him now!!

Leader of the pack!

He's walking to school with the rest of them!!
(actually Hagan is running to school - 
he has to take at least 2 steps for every step the other kids take)

So proud of our little man!

He was nervous about going back to school -

but ohhh how happy he is to be with his friends!

He loves to play 4 square outside with our kids and the neighbor kids.

He truly has a new spunk that I've never seen in him!

He's never felt so good!
We had hoped to not have to do this surgery for a few years - 
but I think we made the right choice!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby boy... for now!

Our little guy will soon be loosing his status as "the baby" of the family.

We're not too sure how he's going to take this -
but knowing Griggs 
he will take it all in stride.

Cause he still has his big sissy wrapped around his little finger!

And will fight for her no matter who tries to comes between them!

Good luck Bobby Joe,
she is all his!! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

After snow/ice days weeks before -
I, personally, wasn't ready for Spring Break...
but the kids were!!

We had a nice time at home just hanging out and 
doing a few things around town!

Here's just a snippet of what we were able to do!

Jailyn attended the local SPCA camp!
(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

She loved every minute of it!!

And we were strong - and don't have a new puppy!

Though it is hard to say "no"!
Jailyn wants to be a foster momma - 
maybe one day,
but right now, I'm not ready for that,
but I love her heart!!

We went to see Paddington with our friends Jackie and Joshua.

and lunch too!

What a great movie!!
Jailyn was at her camp,
and disappointed that she missed the movie - 
but reassured when I told her that we would 
by it when it comes out in DVD!

Even Conner had noting but good things to say about the movie,
and he is our movie critic!

Elijah was doing so well that he was rewarded with his own 
play date with his buddy Joshua!

I love these two!!!

Donovan and Jorja love art!
We were able to get them into an art class!

They sure loved it and are very proud of their work!

Great job Donovan and Jorja!!!

Between rain days, we were able 
to get in a park day with friends!

We love our park days!!!

Jailyn has been wanting to go ice skating -
and was able to go with some gym friends!

Happy Birthday to our friend J!

one of the best things about our gymnastics team -
is the sweet friendships they have all made!
S was a good skater and helped Jailyn!
It was so sweet to see these two sweet girls!

Along with making many, many creatures and projects 
from old boxes and construction paper -
Hagan and Elijah's favorite thing to do 
we all had a great 
 Spring Break!

We are incredibly blessed
and thankful to all of my Plexus business,
without Plexus we would have been stuck at home -
not being able to afford any of these fun things!
Incredibly grateful that Plexus supplements
make me healthy -
but the business opportunity allows me to afford to 
to give my kiddos things that I couldn't otherwise!!

Incredibly blessed! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

E is excited for school!

This boy!

This boy!!

Did I tell you...
this boy!!!

I can't believe how much he is enjoying school!

He is finally feeling safe.

And respected.

He loves his special ed teacher,
and trusts that when he leaves her classroom to 
go to general ed classrooms
he knows that she will still be there for him
when he returns.

Elijah was so excited for Open House that his teacher 
did have a hard time getting him on the bus 
to come home that day.

He didn't understand that he had to come home 
and then mom would bring him back.

And really, I wasn't going to bring him -
you know the stress of crowds and the unknown
at the end of the day usually sets him off.

But, he was so excited that I couldn't say no.

So, off we went!

And he was so proud to show his classrooms 
to momma and siblings!!!

He is doing great!
He is up to spending 3 hours a day in general ed. 
(this is huge as a year ago he couldn't do 20 minutes a day!).

And taking pride in doing his work!!!! 

I am so proud of how hard my boy works every single day!!
Every minute he struggles to deal with the trauma that he had to endure. 

God is so good and HE loves my boy!!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Texas in March???

Who would have thought that we would be 
pulling out our snow gear again!!

Some very happy faces!!!

Best snow day!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow ice-cream!

You can say I am genius!!


You can see me for who I really am -
a busy momma who totally forgot that I saved some 
snow in the freezer to 
make Snow Ice Cream...

either way - 
it worked great!!

Just when the kids are disappointed that 
the snow is all gone...

Mom pulled out the big guns!!!

sure made my kiddos feel better when their snowman when from this...

to this...

Like any one who has tried Plexus supplements - 
you loose your head over these products and 
can't keep it to yourself,
and of course, look at our snowman waist!!

Skinny Snowman now!! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Photos!

Last week the kids schools had spring photo day.

I am just too cheap to buy those photos!

Maybe I'm actually being a good steward of our funds...
yes, we'll say that!! 

Over the past few days I was able to get some 
much more fun 
spring photos -

and I didn't have to spend 
maga bucks to get not very good photos.

We sure don't see real snow very often in Texas - 
and after an ice storm earlier in the week,
we were so very excited to get a few inches of 
real snow!!!!

Conner wasn't too into photos,
but at least the kids got him out to help them 
build their snowman!

 Love the snowman's mohawk!!!

We really had given up hope on getting real snow this year!!
What a fun surprised!!! 


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