Anderson's Upclose

Coach Bryan
Dad is a hard working man!
He wears many hats,
his favorite, besides just being Dad,
is his volunteer position as President of Manchester Soccer Club,
and coach of three soccer teams.

Team Manager
That would be me.
I am in charge of the family calendar and 
every thing else "family".
And I wouldn't want my life to be any other way! 

Team Captain
Brady, (17 years old) being the oldest kiddo is looked up to by 
all of his siblings!
He is always ready to entertain us!
(Don't let this serious photo fool you!)

Team Field Player
Kenzie (14 yrs old) is always on the go! 
Her schedule exhausts me! 
Soccer, singing, friends...
She loves high school!

Team Goalie
Conner, (12 years old) keeps us in line.
His SPD, Anxiety Disorder and OCD 
keeps us orderly! 
Thank God for Conner! 
We would be a mess without him!

Team Mid-Fielder
Jorja (6 years old), has been home 
with us for 2 years now! 
We are blessed to see her grow into a beautiful
young girl - 
who has the will to conquer the world!
(Blog we began for Jorja -
Journey to Jorja)

Team Cheerleader
Jailyn, (5 years old) loves being with her family
more then anything in life.
She keeps us laughing with her silly antics!
(blog that we began for Jailyn
Life with Jailyn )

Team Players we are ready to sign
Donovan and Elijah
still live in Ethiopia -
but we are hoping to have them home by 
Spring 2011!


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