Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do we get one or not?

From the day Hagan came home we questioned if we should get a disabled placard for parking.
 As we've learned how wonderfully made Hagsns little body is
the answer was clear. 

Because I can be an airhead and disorganized at times,
Imagine that! Haha!!
I finally went to get the placard.

Thinking I would be excited for this assistance,
But instead,
I was incredibly sad.

My son doesn't see himself as "disabled"!
He can do anything his body allows him to do! 

But as far as walking distances,
That in itself is a chore.

And have you ever walked in a parking lot?
Crazy! Crazy! Right?
Imagine being an independent almost 7 year old 
And not 3 feet tall.
Your mom is constantly stressed that some driver won't see you
and will run you over!
Stress for everyone! 

Personally, I think there should be a special placard for
Any momma with 5 or more kids under the age of 10!! 

Parking lots scare this momma to death!!
Be careful y'all!! 


Jolene said...

We just ordered Analina's wheelchair. She is going to be out for a good 6 weeks with her hip surgery and even after that she cannot do long distances. We're planning to get the handicapped permit for use when she's with us.

Becky Ryder said...

We got one too this week:) Little man is heavy to lug across parking lots! It's been a huge help the few times I've used it.

Terry said...

you know, I should look into getting one. my son has sickle cell disease and it affects his feet and legs very often. We actually bring a wheelchair when we go on vacation or know that we will do a lot of walking. Most of the time he's fine, but there are times, like 5 or 6 times a year when he can't even walk.


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