Friday, August 29, 2014


Thank you!
Thank you! 
Thank you Jesus!!!!

After much drama,
We are sooo incredible thankful to have finally been told
that our adoption paperwork is Logged in to China!!! 

This is a huge step!! 

Still more huge steps to go!!
We're still looking at 4-6 months before we hold our precious daughter

But at least our paperwork is now on the correct continent!!!
And for that we are incredibly grateful!!

Baby girl, 
Momma, Baba and all of your brothers and sisters
can't wait to meet you!!

Got to get a smile on that precious face!! 


Connie Johnson said...

Thank You, Jesus, indeed!!!!

kainz said...

That is so awesome!!!! Love to your family!
The Kainz Family :)

Sherri said...

I saw this on facebook, but wanted to comment here. Congrats! She's so darn cute.


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