Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still going...

Remember these?

Well, they have gotten even better!

We've added colors!

LOTS of colors!

Purple, light red, dark blue, royal blue and blue,
yellow, orange, black, brown, gray,
dark red, bright green, hot pink,
white and light turquoise (not shown),

Aren't they so fun?
And great to display school and team spirit,
or just match your outfit!
Great stocking stuffers! 

$2 for 1 and 
each additional bracelet is $1
(plus, shipping $2)
(please email me for payment info,

All proceeds go towards the adoption fee's of 
three incredible boys in Ethiopia!
One little guy's family has found him!
Praise God!
We are still praying that the soon to be forever families 
of the other two boys will be found soon!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

That is such a great idea-awesome that the money is going to help those families bring their kiddos home.


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