Thursday, October 13, 2011

I did N.O.T.

My darling 6 year daughter did NOT wear a pair of pants to 
Bible study with a big rip down the seam. 
(to my defense, I didn't see the rip until we were in the car,
on our way to Bible study)

I, of course, noticed and helped my little 4 year old 
change his pants around correctly when we were on our 
Fire Station field trip.

I did NOT feed my dogs "doggy biscuits" for dinner
and breakfast.
(Hey- if the kids can have popcorn...) 

I did NOT give my 4 year old more water to play outside,
ignoring that he is making a mud mess.
I'm sorry the quiet time was too precious to mess with -
I'll clean the mud later.


Kim K. said...

I would have loved to see the torn pants and the mud pics. Good for you!!! I consider popcorn a meal at our house. HUGS!

Martha said...

LOL...I did not make sugar cookies for supper last night because we were that "out" of groceries and at least had the ingredients for that!LOL


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