Monday, October 10, 2011

My HERO lives in Africa

He gets up every morning from his cold, damp bed
and greets everyone kindly.

He helps make sure all the little boys
are up and ready for the day.

He studies hard at school,
he sings songs and plays games with all the kids -
making sure everyone is involved.

When visitors come to the orphanage,
he greets them with a warm smile,
and is gentle when he plays ball with these adults
as to not hurt the babies they are carrying. 

He knows they have not come to meet him,
their joyful tears are not for him.
He does not hold this against the babies and younger kids, 
rather he enjoys the time the adults spend with him
and cherishes the short time he visits with these adults.

At bed time, when all the lights are out,
and the nannies are in their beds,
he hears the cries of the scared little boys -
he goes to their side and comforts them
as a big brother does.

My HERO lives in Africa.


Kim K. said...

Such a precious young man.

Allison said...

I can see why he is your hero! I work with Jeri Maddox and have been keeping up with your story to get the boys. My sister adopted a boy from Ethiopia this past March and we are all in LOVE! She also has a wonderful blog.

I hope this young man finds a home soon!


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