Thursday, August 4, 2011

My "control freak" personality

Seeing that I am unable to sit and wait for very long,
Kenzie and I have decided to get busy!

I have mentioned these three special boys on this blog



okay, here and here too...
(guess they are on my mind a bit!)

So while we wait for their families to be found -

we will be raising funds to add to our agencies
fund for the adoption fees for these beautiful kids! 

This fall we will be participating in craft fairs,
and flea markets -
selling these cute bracelets.

$2 a bracelet
or three for $5.
(shipping is on an individual basis)
(ALL proceeds go to helping bringing these boys home!)

Presently we have made a couple dozen 
and would love to sell out before our first craft show! 
How cool would that be!

We let the word out to a small group of parents from our agency
and guess what...
We are almost SOLD OUT!


And even better -
they had some great ideas!
So today we will be adding some new colors!

Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in
helping us bring these boys home,
or email me at


Shonni said...

What a great idea!!! And really, where do you get all your energy? LOL
love you,

Kathy said...

Awesome idea!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

You are such a great bracelet model - and to think you are pretending that Kenzie is the one in those cute jean shorts! Ha ha - you can't fool me - I know it's you!

You should do color theme ones -- like yellow, red, green for Africa; red with one yellow strand for China, etc. CUTE!

Jodi said...

Thanks y'all for your encouragement!
And Shonni - really???? I don't do half what you do!!!!

Lucy - we are working on the country themes and school colors too! Thought craft fairs would like the school color theme!
And, ohhh yea - right! I wish that was me in those cute short jeans - a day long ago, only a memory! Isn't kenzie cute though! :)
I do enjoy being behind the camera! tee!hee!

WKL said...

Love those bracelets, I'd love to order some if you still have some. What are the other color schemes you are thinking about?
Great fundraising idea!


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