Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayer needed!

I know that I have mentioned these three special guys in Ethiopia.

Three, beautiful, little guys who sit waiting for their families to 
find them.
(I sooooo wish I could share their photos with y'all)

These guys are incredibly special to us -
and we have tried to speak up for them and
share with friends about them,
but at this time we are not able to advocate for them. 

They are caught in the midst of red tape.
Ohhh how I despise red tape!

Depending on the results of the investigations on these 
three guys could result in -

1) their birth families are now in a position bring them back home -
which is of course, the best case scenario.

2) they are placed in foster care in Ethiopia, 

3) they are once again eligible for International Adoption.

I'm telling y'all this because
we need your prayers! 

These sweet guys don't understand why they don't have a family
coming to meet them,
hugging on them,
leaving them photos of a house,
and pets,
a family of their own.

No one ever comes back just for them.
I can't imagine how this feels -
it breaks my heart as I am in tears every time I think of them.

Instead they continue to watch their friends leave
with their new families.

Please pray with us for these guys, 
they need to be encouraged,
they need hope.
Please pray that these investigations will be thorough, quick and smooth.
Please pray that God's will be done in the lives of these sweet boys.

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