Friday, May 27, 2011


Turning 11
But no one even notices,
there's nothing special,
no special cake,
no special hugs...

In fact, you don't even know it's your birthday- 
every day is the same.

You live in a compound with 40 other children.

You share your little bed with a younger child.

You haven't stepped outside the gate for 5 years.

You only see outside the gate 
when a van of adoptive parents come in.

Adoptive parents - 
for the other kids.

No one has come to you,

No one holds you,

No one shows you pictures of your 
soon to be beautiful home,
with plants, trees, and pets,
or of a bedroom prepared just for you.

Your role in life, for now, is to be the big brother 
to all the other kids in the compound.
You help them learn to write their ABC's,
you teach them to obey the nannies,
you give them the toys that you really want to play with - 
but your the big brother -

so you sweetly give it to them,
let them play with it.

I was honored to meet such a child.
He is the most amazing 11
 year old I have ever met!

But there is one great need in his life.
A family to simply love him.

Pray for his health, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Pray for his forever family!


Kat said...

Praying for this sweet boy and others like him....

Kelley said...

I pray for him and the other 4 waiting kiddos every night. I hope he gets his family soon.

Hicks Family said...

Praying dear friend, praying. Finding comfort today that God has all his children wrapped in his arms!


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