Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Journey to Jailyn Part II

Sorry for the delay of this post of how Jailyn came into our lives,
life has been crazy busy lately, good busy  - but busy! 

Anywho - 
here is Part II of Our Journey to Jailyn.
Part I is here if you missed it.

We decided to sign with a Texas agency who specialized in China adoption, and we began our paperwork and were matched with our Social Worker and all that good stuff.
As we prepared the paperwork we meet a group of Waiting Families in our area and  some were with our same agency.

Our first get together was at a local restaurant. The first people I met were Valerie and Gary and Beverly! (needless to say we were the loud, fun end of the table - instant friendships!)
Most people in the group had all their paperwork done and were waiting for their treasures.  I kinda felt out of place since we had just signed and had no idea what everyone meant by DTC, LID, LOA, TA...

I'll never forget the proud mama joy that beamed from Beverly as she shared the photo of her beautiful 5 year old daughter Delaney, and shared their journey to her.

Beverly found Delaney on a different agencies waiting child list and they were able to move Delaney's paperwork to the agency our mutual Texas agency.  We thought that sounded like a great idea!!! 
So we began looking.

A few lists with Lifeline Children Services came and went as we continued with our paperwork and our Texas agency.

we saw her
Our sweet, beautiful daughter!

I mean look at those eyes!
It was love at first sight!

So, we talked to Lifeline. "Savannah" as they referred to her - was on HOLD and some other families were reviewing her file and we would have to wait...
and wait...

and wait 

for three long weeks!

When Lifeline finally called us back - we accepted her referral without a second thought.

Lifeline was willing release Jailyn's file to the other agency, no problem!!!

When I called our Texas agency, they said,
"Oh, no! We don't do that! We will not accept a file from another agency anymore.
This was decided in a meeting three days ago."

We were heart broken!  We had already paid the Texas agency thousands of dollars.  What do we do now?  This is our daughter!
We then called Lifeline and told them what was happening.
They suggested that we fill out their paperwork and they would see what they could do.

After a night of no sleep and lots of prayer -
Lifeline called back in the next day asking us to send them a receipt
 of what we had already paid the other agency and they would waive those fees for us.


I knew she was our daughter and God proved it by supplying our needs! 
Since our Dossier had not been sent to China yet we had no problems switching to Lifeline for the rest of our journey to Jailyn.


Kim K. said...

I didn't realize your found Jailyn on another agency's waiting list and transferred agencies? We did the same thing with our Josie. I just love happy endings.

Have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

That's cool Kim! I didn't know that about y'all either! Amazing how God puts families together,eh?!

Anita said...

WOW, oh WOW! I did not know Lifeline would do this! I've always had such respect for them, but now even more so. So cool how the Lord was going ahead of you in all the details!! ;)

Bev W said...

I remember that day at the restaurant. It was so nice to get together with people who were sharing the same adventure we were and didn't think we were crazy. It's funny, too, that after all that, Delaney and Jailyn have such similar personalities. Two of a kind!


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