Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some days...

Though most days are filled with precious moments 
with my silly family.

Some days I just wish I could hide under the covers.

Yesterday was one of them! 

It began in the early morning when I was greeted by the sounds of two precious treasures - 
who let me tell you are much more precious at 7am,
rather then 5:45am.

Then there is the middle school drama,  
and the high school drama,
and then there's roller coaster ride of red tape for our two boys in Ethiopia,
and the over-all-gloom that we thought we would be in Ethiopia by now to meet our newest boys. 

Some days I should really have just gone back to bed. 

Here's to a fun, drama-free weekend!  


Kim K. said...

Here's to a drama-free weekend!!

Daisy Dreams said...

I hear ya....some days I think would be better spend hiding under the covers!!! Hope your weekend improved! Happy Sunday!

Anita said...

Did you succeed on that drama-free weekend? Oh did I feel like that a week ago or'd never imagine the kind of drama we went through. It's a long one for a call! :) Any word yet on travel??


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