Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Truly Blessed Tuesday: Our Journey to Jailyn Part 1

For today's Truly Blessed Tuesday,
I thought I would share with y'all how our journey began to our precious daughter Jailyn.

Our plan, before we got married, was that we would have four biological children and then look into adoption.  I had wanted to adopt a child, for as long as I can remember.  This was a new concept to Bryan but he thought it was a great idea too.

As Conner got older (2'ish) we began hoping for baby #4.
Pregnancy was never an easy accomplishment.

Along with fertility issues, 
we also miscarried two babies, after Conner.

It was just too much. 
I am not emotionally stable when it comes to wanting more children in our family.
Every month got more and more disappointing,
each baby lost 
cut my heart like a knife.

One day, Bryan said, "Maybe we should start looking into adoption."
You have to understand - Bryan doesn't have a rash idea E.V.E.R. 
He thinks and prays long and methodically about everything!

the next day he came home to all the adoption information that I could find.

After more thought and prayer, 
we felt like our daughter was in China. 
We also knew we wanted to go Special Needs.
(this was before the slow down for healthy children in China).

I admit,
I never saw the struggles with infertility, 
and the very short lives of our babies
as a blessing.

But, I did have a peace that God was giving us a love for children,
and expected us to do something with this love.
It is amazing how God uses painful life experiences to 
help us grow in Him, 
and He blesses us with more then we ever expected!

I don't know what would have happened if we had had baby #4.
We may have never had the blessing of our Jailyn Hope!

Not to mention Jorja Noelle, Donovan nor Elijah.
(or whoever else He has planned for us)

For the pain and hurt of loss, I can say that I feel Truly Blessed.


Share with the rest of us how you have been Truly Blessed.
(Apologizes, I'm having issues with Mr. Linky -
and haven't had the extra time to take care of it yet)
Write your blessing as a comment or
leave your blog link!
Let's encourage one another!


Kim K. said...

Beautiful post, Jodi. After years of failed fertility treatments, we chose adoption. I can't imagine the joy our family would have missed out on if Josie wouldn't have been a part of our lives.

Here's a link to our SN Adoption Story: http://kenward.blogspot.com/2008/11/national-adoption-awareness-month-part_17.html

Jodi said...

Josie is one beautiful girl! Sometimes I look at your blog and all the crafty times you have with your girls and just sit and smile! Your family is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing Kim!


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