Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Truly Blessed Tuesday: "I didn't like it"

A few weeks ago in Sunday school,
Jorja and Jailyn were told of a family that
does not have enough food to eat,
nor clothes to wear 
in this cold weather.

The girls took this very seriously,
and have brought it up in conversation often.

Jailyn finds it unbelievable.
She cannot comprehend their situation.

Jorja told me yesterday about this situation again.
and added her personal story and
how she can relate to this family.

"I didn't have much food in China."

"No?  What kind of food did you eat?"

"I don't remember what it was called,
but I didn't like it,
and it's all I ever got."

"Well, you had bananas, didn't you?"

"yes, I liked bamamas,
but I LOVE apples!"

 and with a huge smile...

"Now I have a pantry full of food!
and T.O.O. many clothes to wear!"

Jorja still, after two years, gets absolutely giddy when 
we go grocery shopping.

Yesterday she stood on the side of the cart and 
started smelling everything.
She looked at me with her larger then life smile and said,
"Ohhh, I can smell all this food!"

Jorja has such a grateful heart!
And continually reminds us to "keep it real"!

We are so thankful for her
and the blessings God has given us in abundance.

Happy Truly Blessed Tuesday to y'all! 


Kim K. said...

Josie still thanks me for the food every time we go grocery shopping. She was 21 months when we adopted her, but the food hoarding was very real. It's eye-opening and heart breaking all at the same time.


Dee said...

Awwah. Evelyn smells everything too, and I have to watch her in the store or she puts LOTS of stuff into the cart that is not on the list.


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