Monday, October 1, 2018

Jailyn is a teenager!!!!

13 years ago I had the worst pains in my stomach and back!
Like seriously!! 
I felt like I was having contractions for about 18 hours! 
I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, 
couldn't get comfortable - 
the pains would come every few minutes!! 

I have never felt those pains again.

11 months later  I saw this little girls file!

And learned her birthdate: 9-30-2005
The same weekend that I felt those contracting pains!!!
I knew then that she was my daughter!! 

Jailyn Hope,
you have grown into such an amazing young lady!
You love with all your heart
and give your friends and family your all!

 Cheesecake was her choice of birthday cakes!
Mom's first homemade cheese cake - not too bad!

You've always been spunky and large than life!
You can command a crowd like no one I know! 

Your gymnastics coaches rely on you to help lead your team
with spirit, strength hard work and perseverance!

You are always there to help mom with whatever needs to be done!

You are an amazing young lady 
and you're just getting started!! 

Love you Jai!
Happy 13th birthday!! 

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