Monday, May 14, 2018

My baby loves babies!!

My boy is obsessed with babies! 

I’ve wondered where this came from...
this love/obsession for babies. 
He notices ever baby in public and 
makes sure I take note too. 

He notices every baby birdie, 
baby gecko, 

And if he doesn’t see the momma he gets very concerned for the care of the baby. 

He’s not interested in holding a baby but wants to make sure the baby is being taken care of! 

In every public restroom he asks about the changing table and goes over how a momma should keep her baby safe while changing their child’s diaper.
Which spills into how mommas should 
take care of their babies daily.

His concern is deeper than just thinking a baby is cute, 
but the hole in his heart is so big and so deep! 
The unanswered questions he has about himself as a baby overwhelm him.
 He doesn’t know what he looked like as a baby. 
He doesn’t know what he weighed when he was a baby.
He doesn’t know exactly where he was born. 
Why wasn’t cared for with unconditional love.
Why wasn’t he treasured for who he is.
Why was he left to fend for himself at such a young age.

So many questions that will never be answered for him. 
These questions weigh my baby down!! 

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