Saturday, April 7, 2018

hard, but not impossible

It’s been hard! 
Walking this road of mental illness is such a roller coaster. 
One step forward, two steps back has never been so true. 

But of course, I have one child, Hagan, who puts me in my place!  

With all sincerity, he told me the other day that he is praying for Elijah’s soul

That’s right,
 he’s not praying for him to have a good day, 
or to make good choices, 
or to just be kind, 
not even to just not drive mom nuts- 

He’s praying for his soul!! 
Something, I admit - I don’t always do. 
I’m usually just praying for the 
energy to get through the day! 

Satan gets a hold of me and I keep hearing the neurologist say 
“it is what it is- there’s nothing we can do.”

The one thing this doctor doesn’t understand is that I have a mountain moving, earth quaking, 
grave robbing, life changing, soul reaching 
God in our side!! 
And HE has great plans for Elijah!! 

I will follow Elijah’s lead and consistently pray for 
Elijah’s soul! 
HE WILL perform a miracle in Elijah’s soul! 

Psalms 62:1 
Truly my soul finds rest in God;

my salvation comes from him. 

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