Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Sunday

Our Easter was quiet as we had met Kenzie and Conner 
for dinner in Conner's college town on Saturday.
and I forgot to take a photo! #momfail

We enjoyed an amazing worship time at church!

After service our amazing Children's Pastor and team threw 
a fun, fun party!! 
Bounce houses, games, popcorn, food trucks, fellowship and a petting zoo!!!

Our kids thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Cathy's Critters
(She's famous around these parts!)

Miles, this boy just amazes us over and over!! 

6 months ago he wouldn't of had anything to do with these critters!!

Look at him now!!

This makes my heart happy!

Laynee Bug!!!

Laynee had so much fun loving on as many animals as she could!!
Smiles all day long on this girl!!

Griggs was a little intimidated at first,
but when the crowd diminished he loved begin with the animals too!

Very impressed that the actually fed the llama!

Hagan is so serious! 

He loves being with the chicks! 

Sooooo gentle!!

Jorja is like momma and Griggs - no crowds please!

She warmed up to the animals from outside the gates and 
got closer and enjoyed herself when there were less people! 
Smart girl!

Elijah did a good job being gentle with the critters.

He enjoyed being in his own little space to pet the chickens. 
(Lots of memories flooded his soul 
through these little chicks).

Jailyn was in heaven!!
She even was able to talk to Cathy about a volunteer position!
How she loves animals!!

Asking her to leave this piggy was pretty heart wrenching!!

Not one to pose for a photo - but mom will get one!

And mom has friends who will get me a photo too! 

He enjoyed playing the basketball game!! 

We sure had a wonderful family time with our church family! 

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FlGdNbr said...

Wonderful day for all of you! I would loved to see all those little animals....Happy Easter!


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