Friday, March 30, 2018

Special Olympics - Track and Field

What a fun day!!! 

We are so thankful that our kiddos can 
be celebrated for who they are!!

Laynee is the least competitive person I know!! 
This is her "game face"!!!

Run Laynee Run!!!

The joy on her face!!!!
Just love this girl so so much!! 

The day would not be as special
if Laynee didn't get to 
hang with her bestie!!! 

Two peas in a pod!!
Love their BIG BOWS!!!
We didn't even plan it!! 
The bows did help us find them in the crowd of people!!
Cheryl, next year we may have to do some bright, wild bows!

Beaming with joy!! 
My sunshine!!!

On the other hand!!!

Hagan came to compete!!
And that is what he did!! 

Gold medal in the Softball throw 
Silver in the 50 meter dash!

Hagan is so proud of his athletic uniform!

He refused to take his jacket off even when running!

Such pride and confidence!

In a few weeks Hagan will be having surgery on both legs.
I'm sure he will have a tight grasp on his medals while he recovers!!

We were also very thankful Kenzie was home to take these amazing photos!! 
Thanks Kenzie!! 

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