Monday, March 12, 2018

I am his adoptive mom.

I am his adoptive mom,
and am proud of it! 

I'm also his mom,
because in his life he has experienced 
unbelievable pain.

I'm his adoptive mom by choice.
My choice.
He didn't have a choice.

Two strangers walked into his life one day,
and he was introduced to them as 
"your mom and dad".
I mean, really, what must have gone through his mind.

"Ummmmm, NO!!!!"
"This is not my daddy."
"This is sooo not my mommy."
"And if they are - where have y'all been?"
Do you know what I've been through waiting for you?"

He has tried to allow me in but,
lately, my son has reminded me that I am NOT his mommy.

He has a momma that lives in a very special place of his heart.
A place where no one else can touch.
and no one else should even try to touch! 

To help my son heal sometimes we have to step back.
Step back and not push my desires on him.

My son has decided he'd prefer I introduce myself as his "adoptive mom". 

I am honored to have this title! 
Being his "adoptive mom" does not lessen our relationship,
but shows my son respect for his mommy.
It shows to my son that I am not trying to take his mommies place, 
but because she loved him so much and had to leave him too early -
I respect their relationship and this special part of his heart
that I never want to take from him.

"Adoptive mom" is not less than - 
it's just another relationship for him to slowly allow to 
open a different special place in his heart.
Together we can walk, love, and grow together!

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Will said...

And I am proud of you! One love, your love.


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