Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Branson Classic 2018

What a fun weekend Jailyn and I had in Branson! 

(because every gymnast dreams of doing a handstand on the HOLLYWOOD sign! haha!)

Jailyn had a gymnastics met and competed on Sunday morning,
so we drove Saturday morning and enjoyed the rest of the day exploring Branson,
and spending time with her teammates! 

(and every gymnast has to do the splits at the town fountain! haha!)

What a cool town Branson is!!
We'd love to bring the whole family back - 
maybe next year if we compete there again! 

Jailyn bestie did her hair,
this mom is so thankful for friends who can do my child's hair!!!
I'm such a "boy mom"!

Jailyn put on her game face...

and took to the gym!!

Jailyn had a great meet! 
Scoring higher in most of the events than she has ever scored!
She even earned her first GOLD medal EVER!!!! 

Tying for Gold with her buddy and teammate 
makes it even more special!! 

Vault 9.100 - 2nd place
(hard to see her but the vault is in the very back)

Bars 9.535 - 2nd place

Beam 9.25 - 4th place
(Sorry, I'm unable to download the video because the file is too big.)

Floor 9.35 - 2nd place
(Sorry, again - unable to download.)

Jailyn beat her top All Around score by .475 points!!
and blew her goal out of the water!!

All Around score - 37.2

And her team also, took home 1st place

I'm so proud of her focus and desire to work hard
to earn what she desires!!

We are proud of you no matter what your scores or medals say about you,
but it sure is cool when you see where all your hard work can get you!!

you are one special girl!!

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