Monday, January 8, 2018

Why I share my story...

My daddy always told me, "When you walk through hard times... 
remember those times,
share those times,
because someone else may be struggling too. 
What you go through may not be all about you
but how you can help someone else."

My daddy wasn't the most open person with a crowd of people gathering to listen to him, 
but what we learned at his funeral was eye opening... 
(Daddy died almost 21 years ago - just so y'all know this wasn't recent.)

The funeral home was packed with people loving on my momma 
who stood so strong and welcomed everyone with grace!  
Amazing woman!!
In walked a lonely man, no one knew him.
He really didn't "fit in" with the crowd.
One of dad's friends went to chat with him,
and to maybe help him on his way...

What we learned was this man
struggled with a lot of things that my dad had struggled with.
I can't remember how they actually met,
but my dad met this man once a week for coffee and breakfast.
Possibly the only hot meal this man had each week.
My dad shared his weaknesses and his struggles
and this man didn't feel alone.
Didn't feel ashamed or disgraced,
if even for a short time of breakfast once a week.

Sometimes putting ourselves out there is not about us,
but about showing God's grace and miracles in our own lives to help others.

This is the main reason why I share my health journey with you.
I could keep all of my weaknesses from y'all and make y'all
think that I am just super woman!!
Believe me, my kids will tell you,
I am far from that!!

But when a few little supplements have changed my health
and help me daily to function
on some days that I soooo don't want to function -
but who is that helping?
I refuse to go back to "fake it until you make it!"
Instead, I want to live life to the fullest!!
And enjoy my family and friends as I do that!!

When I have friends tell me,
I'm having a panic attack, life is too hard -
I need my body balanced again,
do you have any supplements on hand?


I didn't realize how good I felt when I was taking your supplements!
I want that again!


I can get out of bed!
My body is regulating and my aches and pains are at a minimum
or even gone most days!!


My doctor took me off meds because my labs came back healthy!!!!

I praise God for the blessing to share
something like plant based supplements...
God's creation working with his creation!
Not working against it!
(and believe me I am not anti-medicine,
there is a time and place!
But if natural products help in bigger ways to
help heal my body - I'm going with that!)

We think we know better in so many ways!
But, that never pans out well, does it?!

So for those who think I share my health journey to make a few bucks
off of you...
you don't really know me.
My job of sharing and helping others means the world to me!
And I don't take it lightly!!
God's brought me through too much to keep quiet about this!!

Love y'all!!
Reach out to someone today!
Share a smile,
Share a little about yourself,
you may just make someones day a little brighter!

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