Tuesday, January 16, 2018

To my child

To my child,

Having been adopted does not mean that
you are less than anyone else.

Having been adopted does not mean that
 you are not loved.

Being adopted does not mean that 
you don't know where you came from,
where you are,
or where you are headed.

Being adopted means...

You are loved by many people!

You have at least two families who love you so much.

 One family put their pride a side
to give you a life they knew you deserved,
but couldn't provide.

A second family prayed for you,
saw you,
chose you
and worked their tails off to bring you home!

Both families, moms and dads, grandmas, grandpas,
aunts, uncles, cousins...
are proud to call you son or daughter.

You are so much more than others see.
They do not know your story!
They do not know the pain that you carry daily.
They don't know the strength you have to get through
the disappointments you have experienced.

You are amazing!
You are beautiful!
You are a survivor that others can only hope to be!

Your scars on the outside only tell a side of your story.
Unless you decide to share with others,
it is no one else's business. 

Please know that your are beautiful!
You are loved!
You are being fought for! 
You are a treasure!
Cherished deeper than you may ever understand.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love this so much!!❤️ Praying for that sweet child of yours.


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