Friday, December 8, 2017

Mental Health Day

I get asked a lot “what do you do for yourself?”
Or told,
“You need to take time for yourself.”

And I get that!
And I so appreciate friends and family keeping tabs on me
to take care of myself while I care 
for my family, and the trauma that we have been going through. 

So,  I took a Mental Health Day!
I didn’t get my nails down, or get a massage...

Hagan had some follow-up appointments and one in particular,
I had a gut feeling, could be a little stressful!
(unfortunately, I was correct.)

So, I took these boys with me!! 

Laughter is the best medicine, right? 
And these boys make me laugh, giggle and just enjoy life!! 
Such a great mental health day!!

I was just going to bring Griggs with us, 
but, both Hagan and Griggs asked if Miles could come too! 
Nothing does a mommas heart better then 
to see her kids love and want to be with each other!!

The threee Amigos!! 

They can find fun wherever they are!

I didn’t get a photo, 
but these theee can make up games in any doctors room! 
I love their imagination!!! 

We even had time for a quick lunch, and everyone agreed
on where to eat! 
Thank you Jesus!! 

My sweet Griggs, 
as we were eating he looked across the table at me and said, 
“Mom, this is a blessing.”
“A blessing that we can just spend the day together! 
I love you, 
You are the best momma!”

Melt me!!
and really just what I needed!!

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