Thursday, December 28, 2017

End on Empty!

Gymnastics competition season has begun 
and we are super excited about this season! 
New beautiful leo and everything!! 

Jailyn told me in September that she was going to 
take her coaches challenge and 
set her goal every practice to 
"End on Empty"!! 
To have nothing left in her tank,
to come home completely exhausted 
because she left all she had on the mat!

Jailyn has always worked hard, 
but ADHD gets in the way sometimes!

Her first meet was an Intrasquad meet,
real judges, real scores, 
no medals 
instead encouraging one an other 
to do their best!!! 

(blurry photo but THAT leap!!! 
She's never had such a good leap!)

Jailyn had a great meet! 
Room to grow but 
the first meet of the season can be nerve wracking - 
so this was nice to get through the nerves!

At the end of the meet our coach surprised 
the girls with a special award! 

The "End on Empty" Award!
Coaches hubby loved the challenge his wife set out for the girls
so much that he went to the mall and had 
shirts made to allow the coaches to award 
some exceptionally hard workers.

So proud of Jailyn and her growth as a gymnast, 
but even more we are proud of her growing 
work ethic!!

We are all soooooo excited for this fun competition season!! 

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