Monday, March 13, 2017

One more week...

Only more week and this face will change.

This boy has had his share of surgeries but none have hit us as hard as this upcoming surgery.

It is so hard to talk about on so many levels.

Craniofacial surgery is scary (especially with Hagan's small airway, any surgery is scary!) but more then that it will drastically change Hagan's appearance.

This face that we first saw in an email when we were in Ethiopia meeting Donovan and Elijah.

This face that we had on our refrigerator and prayed over for a year and a half before God told us we were his family.

This face that made us laugh when we finally met him 4 years ago!

This face that shows compassion and pain all in one glance.

Those puppy dog eyes that can wrap mom around his chubby, ittle pinky!

This surgery is needed to enlarge Hagan's airway.  As Hagan gets older his airway is not getting larger.  His tonsils and adenoids have grown back, which will no doubt continue to do no matter how many times we remove them because we can't take all of the tonsils out, as his carotid artery runs through the right tonsil.

God has blessed us with the perfect surgeon!
10 years ago we met Dr. Fearon when we brought home Jailyn, for her cleft lip and cleft palate.
We love Dr. Fearon on so many levels!
Little did we know that 10 years later we would need the best surgeon for our son!!
And guess what?  Dr. Fearon is the man! He does this surgery more then anyone in the US.  
People travel from all over the world for Dr. Fearon to do this specific surgery!  
And God placed him in our life 10 years ago!!
God is so cool!!

Our hearts hurt for our son!
But we rest in knowing there are no surprises to God!!
He knew of this need for Hagan long before we even knew Hagan!!

The surgery Hagan is having is called Le Fort I.
We will be in the hospital for a week, unfortunately a different hospital then we normally go to.
Hagan will have a Halo device and feeding tube for 8 weeks.
His surgery is scheduled for March 20th.
And another surgery scheduled to remove the halo may 17th.
Because of the halo, Hagan will not be able to use his CPAP machine.  
We are praying that he will not need a temporary trachea and that this procedure will open his airway enough that we can trash the cpap machine!!

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