Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marked with love

I've heard that this can happen, 
but have never seen it myself.
At least, not until 8 months ago. 

With international adoptions,
sometimes a birth family will "mark" their child before leaving them.
So that maybe one day, 
they will meet again and they will know for sure that this is their child.

Miles was loved by someone in his past so much
that he was marked.

We giggle at his tramp stamp,
but really it is incredibly sweet! 
And incredibly special for our little guy! 

One day he will know how loved he is,
by his birth family, his foster family and his forever family! 

The other kids are jealous that Miles has a tattoo 
and momma doesn't even like the washable tattoos! 
Blessed, silly little guy!! 

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