Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kinder Graduation

 Two of my babies celebrated Kindergarten graduation today!

I don't normally get too emotional at this kindergarten celebration,
now the first week of kinder - that is a different story!!! 
(I'm a mess!)

Today, it hit me!! 

These two kiddos - melt me!! 

Griggs is still only 5 years old and in so many ways 
is still my baby! 

He's one of the youngest kindergarteners,
and falls asleep on our 4 minute drive home
from school
3 out of 5 days during the week.

(I love this photo!) 

But works hard in class everyday,
and learned so much - academics and about himself!

What can I say?

This sweet girl has never seen such a celebration!
The teachers prepared them for the program,
but she was confused as to why
there were so many mom's and dad's and families
there to see them perform today.

Sweet Laynee, our daughter for only 10 short months,
experienced for the first time today
what it felt like to have her family cheer her name
when her name was called out.
(and with the size of our family - we were loud!! )
and she was giddy!!! 

We are so blessed to call these two son and daughter!

And of course there is this stinker!! 
Never to be left out!!! 
Watch out kindergarten, you have a year to prepare for this stinker!

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