Thursday, February 25, 2016

Only three years!!! WOW!

Today we celebrate our anniversary of 
having Hagan and Griggs in our arms
for 3 years!!!

I still can't believe they have only been in our arms for three years!

They came to us bravely,
and cautiously 
wrapped together. 

I love these photos 
and how they are not wanting to be hugged and loved on...

we were strangers - this is healthy!

 (and I still know these looks that the boys give! cracks me up!)

 But look at these boys a few days later,
we visited their orphanage and
they didn't want a thing to do with these people.
They already understood unconditional love.

Today these boys have confidence and know what true love is! 
They are secure in knowing that we will never leave them alone again.
They love that there is always food for them -
even if they have to eat their vegetables!

I love these boys more than life itself!
I am incredibly thankful that though we said we were done adopting -
God chuckled and said,
"oh, I'm not finished with you yet!"

These two are my sunshine!!! 

Happy 3 year "gotcha" day anniversary boys!! 

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