Wednesday, January 13, 2016

6 months home!

6 months ago 
we met this precious little girl for the first time!!!

She walked into the room without a care in the world.

She could barely walk down the stairs in the orphanage.

She came to us willingly,
but had no idea who we were nor what to expect.

We have learned so much from our little girl! 
She is one amazing girl! 

Laynee can do 2-3 three stairs on her own!
Laynee can get in and out of our van without sitting down!
She can buckle and unbuckle her car seat - 
at the appropriate times! (BIG praise!)
Laynee can brush her own teeth! 
Laynee has learned our family routine and thrives on 
a schedule! 
Laynee is still learning how to hug,
but she sure knows how to give kisses!! 

We are so proud of our sweet pea! 
And incredibly blessed to call her daughter! 

wow!!! This boy has come a long way in 6 months!

This is where Miles stood for 4 days,
crying and moaning -
one incredibly scared little boy!! 

this boy has everyone in our household wrapped around his pinkie!!!
Miles brushes his own teeth,
and even lets mom help! 
Miles smiles and is incredibly silly!! 
But mostly he is a stinker!! 

Miles is everything a three year old boy should be!!
Miles loves to play outside with his siblings 
and is sure to tell them when they are doing things
correctly or not! 

Miles loves to be attached to momma at all times,
but is doing better 
and feeling more secure 
that if momma has to leave him-
 she will come back!! 

How we love this boy!! 
Our son and brother and little stinker!!! 

We are so thankful that we took the time it took to bring both of them home 
in this one trip! 
Spreading out, going to two different providences
was completely worth it!!!! 

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