Sunday, December 13, 2015

sixth but first

Laynee Faith turned 6 years old on Friday,
but this was her first birthday celebrated at home! 

She had a great day at school -
and was the bell of the Ball! 
She may have thought the Fairytale Ball at school 
was all about her -
and of course, we went with that!! 
Every 6 year old little girl should have a fairytale Ball!!

So that we could all be home to celebrate Laynee -
we celebrated on Saturday. 

Friday evening I went to make her cake - 
turned on the oven to pre-heat,
minutes later -
there were flames in the oven! 

Ohhhhh K!
Plan B! 

I have only once bought a store cake for my kids birthdays,
and that was because we were on vacation. 
I like baking cakes for my kids, 
and especially my baby girls first birthday!

Thankfully, Laynee didn't seemed disappointed. 

She had a wonderful birthday and has worn her crown for 3 days!! 

I just love seeing her sweet smile, 
so proud,
so confident!

She feels loved!!! 
I'd say her celebration as a success!!!

Here's to no more birthdays without your family!! 

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