Saturday, January 23, 2016

My hero Hagan... here we go again...

Here we go again...

Ohhh  my heart just aches for this kiddo!! 

While on Christmas vacation, Hagan and I were cuddling and I was scratching his back...
I noticed that his lower back was bulging on the right side of his scar 
from his surgery last year (November 2014).


This is not good!! 

And of course I went into momma worry mode! 

I called our Neurosurgeon the next day - 
he didn't seem worried and said to come in when we get back,
but they couldn't get us in until January, 21st. 


So, wait we did! 

We had x-rays first and then went to see our surgeon. 

It's never good when a specialist is silent.

He looked at his back, looked at the x-rays,
did reflex tests...

and sent us back to x-rays - for 4 more sets of photos.

Hagan is so good at getting x-rays done! 
He cracks me up - he goes in there and just stands in the position 
before they tell him what to do! 

We went back upstairs to see the doctor.

He took a bit longer to see us,
as he was going over the x-rays.

Needless to say, the 2 rods and 18 pins are not stationery.
They are slipping out of position. 
NOT good!! 

So, in two weeks, Hagan will be going back for spinal surgery.
Our doctor is not sure which of three options he will actually make happen,
and he won't know until he gets in there to see what is going on. 

Option #1:  
Take out the 4 bottom pins,
cut the extra rod and leave the rest of the rods and pins.

Option #2:
Take both rods and all the pins out,
and hope that the year with these in will be enough to keep Hagan's 
back in place. 

Option #3:
Take the rods and pins out,
and replace everything - 
starting at square one! 

Since we don't know what will take place,
we don't know how long we will be in the hospital,
we don't know if he will be in a back brace again or not,
we don't know how long he will be out of school,
or what his activity level will be.

We know and find peace in knowing that God 
already knows what will happen during surgery,
and HE will care for Hagan and for us!

The only things Hagan has requested for this surgery,
so far, are:
 Oatmeal Pie snacks,
his Kindle that he got for Christmas,
and cards from his family and friends.
"cards and flowers make me happy in the hospital."

We would love to knock Hagan's socks off 
and see him receive tons of cards!! 
If you would like to help us cheer him up while recovering,
please either pm me on FB and I'll get you our address 
or email me at 

Thank you so very much!!! 
Thank you for your prayers for our little man!!

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