Thursday, October 1, 2015

Turning 10 with lots of questions!

I can't believe my baby girl is double digits!

Where has the time gone?

Jailyn is an old soul,
she loves people and Jesus!

This birthday has been a hard one.

Lots of questions about her birth 
and her birth family 
that we will never be able to answer for her.

Giving her this time to grieve the fact that we know nothing 
about per very beginnings is very important.

I share this because many people think that if 
kids are adopted,
especially at a young age,
that they wont have any "issues".
The truth is, at least in our house,
the younger kids have more questions 
and grieve as they get older and try to "find" themselves.

Some questions that have recently come up...

"Who do I take after?"

"Was I born early in the morning?"

"Do you think my mom was nice?"

"Do you think my mom was allergic to strawberries too?"

I'm so thankful that Jai can ask these questions -
but it hurst deeply that I can't give her answers.

She knows that I can't answer these questions,
but when she cries herself to sleep because of the unknown of her past -
it breaks my heart too.

She knows in who hold her future - 
but sometimes we just have to let our kids 
grieve their past,
 so that they can embrace their present and future!

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