Wednesday, September 23, 2015

That leap 2 years ago!

2 years ago I took a leap a faith,
and little did I know what God was going to do
with my little step of obedience!

You see, 7 months prior Bryan and I were preparing to 
leave China with our two amazing boys! 

We were amazed how hard it was to leave China this time.
God was pulling on our hearts
before we even left.
God was telling us that our daughter was 
still in China!



and even more importantly 

We had to wait 6 months before we could start paperwork again
so we used this time to pray and pray and search for our daughter.

While searching we were also praying about 
my energy level, 
(seeing that I was exhausted before 
the little kids went to bed,
and often times falling asleep before they did!)
my health,
(Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,
Anemia, insomnia...)
my patience, 
(tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of the day that began a downward spiral 
for my Elijah!
I needed patience!!)

ohhhh my 
to juggle 9 kids -
and the possibility of 10, 
maybe 11 kids!

And praying for our financial situation!
Hubby is a hard worker,
and has a great job -
but it takes a lot to raise a large family!

I was tired of telling my kids that they couldn't see the newest movie,
"Wait for it to come out in DVD."
got harder and harder to tell them.
Making them choose only one friends birthday party to go to 
through out the year, 
because I couldn't afford more birthday presents for friends.

The stress of having to tell my kids "no" 
because of finances was sooooo hard!! 
Kiddos just don't understand that - 
all they hear is "no".

I prayed for a part time job!
I was kinda picky -
because I couldn't really do anything,
I have no office skills 
I still wanted to be there for my kids,
I didn't want to put Hagan and Griggs in a day care -
plus that would just be another bill to pay!
I couldn't work after school,
who would be the taxi?
That left me from midnight to 4am to work.
Stocking shelves at the local grocery store doesn't really work -
as my RA would be miserable,
though I was awake at that time with insomnia!
But, I'm also not doing "sales" and home shows of 
... whatever!!!
I didn't have time for that either!
And wasn't going to ask my friends to buy something that 
they didn't need! 
Plus, there wasn't anything out there that I loved 
enough to share with people.

Then God asked me to take a leap of faith...
something I totally didn't want to do!

Of course, I went kicking and screaming -
but this idea wasn't going to fail because of me,
I was going to show God that I shouldn't have done this!
Seriously, when will I learn?

I joined my friend Rebecca's team with Plexus Worldwide!

I set out to prove 3 weeks before today two years ago that some
"scam" health products didn't work -
which I had been totally proven wrong...
and now 3 weeks later HE is asking me to 
share these health products with others.
Ohhh boy!!!

I did what my leaders told me to do,
and took this seriously! 
I prayed for a part time job,
and if this was HIS answer -then I would work it like 
a full time job!

I wondered why God would chose this way to answer my prayers -
can't he just send a big donor 
to help us with the adoption that HE is calling us too!
That'd be so much easier,
and I would be able to sit on the couch with my sore, exhausted body!

But, HE wanted me to heal, grow
and share!!
Now I can't believe what HE has done with this SAHMomma,
and her little business to help other friends
pay bills, quit their jobs,
couples working together to get out of corporate America
so that they can obey God and go into ministry 
and not worry about the all mighty paycheck!

I am so grateful that God asked me to lead this amazing team of mine.
HE has placed Plexus products in my life 
my amazing team who encourages me every day!

2 years ago I had no idea what 
would turn into!

Now, I have my health
and my baby girl home,
and our bonus baby!!! (ha!ha!)

God is so good!! 
We are truly blessed!!

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