Tuesday, October 27, 2015

3 months with Laynee Faith

3 months ago this amazing little girl walked into 
a little room in the orphanage with a smile 
on her face,
ready to meet her momma and big sister! 

She came willingly 
and left with us willingly.

God made this day just beautiful!
Not going to lie - 
I was totally nervous! 
Everything we had been told about this treasure was scary.
As the time to meet her drew closer,
I doubted more and more!

But, Laynee put me at ease. 

She was full of giggles 
and ready to embrace her new adventure
and new life!

God had prepared her heart for this crazy change! 

Laynee has taken to her new family with bravery
and excitement!
Trust and peace
that only God could give.

Her smile melts me are reminded me constantly - 
don't take life too seriously! 
Have fun with everything you are given!
And don't let what others say about you -
stop you! 

Laynee's file from China said a lot of things that she could NOT do.

Her file was scary!

But this face - 
is anything but scary! 

As we continue to peel the unknown about Laymen's health
we fall deeper in love with our Laynee Faith!

I sure love my baby girl!!
What a blessing she is!  

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