Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So many questions about our baby girl!

We have so many questions about our baby girl!

Her file from China was incomplete,
and raised many questions!
We knew that she had hydrocephalus (water on the brain)
and had a shunt. 
We knew that she didn't walk until she was 5 yrs old,
nor did she feed herself until then.

When she walked in to the room 
at the orphanage on July 13th,
my heart melted.

And honestly,
I had a feeling of,
"Ohhhh Lord, really - 
I don't think I can do this!
This child was "paperwork" until this moment.
Now she is a real person,
and my responsibility for life!

I kinda wanted to run!
But thankfully God held me
and encouraged me!

She is adorable,
she is precious,
she is happy,
she is a treasure.

But, there is was that feeling in my gut -
that we were in for a long ride!
A long ride of trying to peel the medical layers of our Laynee.

We have seen many doctors,
but still have many more to go.

She had an MRI a few weeks ago,
and unfortunately it took us this long to get 
the report - 
and a referral to a neurosurgeon.

The results from the MRI have been hard to hear,
but they have also given us a starting place.

The news was not positive
and not encouraging.

But one thing I know...
 God is so good!!
Though her life in China would have been incredibly hard,
and hopeless...
She now has many brothers and sisters 
who are the sweetest!
They love to teach her and celebrate her victories with her!

We are blessed beyond earthy understanding to call Laynee "daughter"!
We don't know why God has called us on this journey,
and entrusted Laynee to us,
but are incredibly thankful!!


kainz said...

Your family will be so good for her, and she will be so good for your family! Love to you!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

She is beautiful!


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