Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Someone had a birthday!!!

I can hardly believe that this little guy -
who jumped into my lap 
4 years ago...

is now 8 years old!!!

Elijah is a tender hearted boy!!

A tender heart that has been broken and hurt 
time and time again...

but he is learning to allow people in!

And he amazes me!!!

I have a had a hard time with a certain new adult person in his life,

one day, I told Elijah that that person was insane.

Elijah asked,
"what is insane."

I answered,

Elijah answered,
"He's not crazy, 
he's just mad and doesn't know how to 
use his words."

Okay, buddy!!
You are right!!! 
You have a huge heart!! 
and I am so thankful that you call me "mommy"!

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