Friday, June 12, 2015

Really?? You've got to be kidding me!!!

I have been really bad at blogging lately,
but I had to document this!
Our blog is used as my little family photo album,
and this just had to be in here too!!

This happened,

oh yes, 

just weeks before traveling to China to bring home 
our Laynee and Miles!!

At first we were told the water that we saw
in our bathroom was from a broken pipe 
in the foundation,
under a structural wall!! 
Oh, that is NOT good!

Then we noticed steam coming out of our dishwasher
when the dishwasher was cold!! 
Kinda freaky!!

I went out of town for a business convention...
hubby was home with 9 kids and water issues!!
Bless his heart!!!

He called the dishwasher repair man who quickly made the conclusion 
that the dishwasher had a broken valve,
and that was were all the water was coming from.
Better than water from the foundation!!

Needless to say, our floors needed to be pulled up,
and vans and de-humidifiers needed to be brought in 
so that no mold would grow!

We now wait on insurance to get this all together 
and we will get new wood floors
before we leave for China!! 

This is not what we planned for this month,
and I was in complete shock when I got home 
to see all the floors ripped up,
before we had a game plan!

But, nothing will keep us from Laynee and Miles!! 
Plane tickets are bought!
Visa's are in hand!
Packing has begun today!! 

In 31 days we will be holding this spit fire!!

And cuddle with this sweet pea!

To God be the glory!!


Sherri said...

That's horrible, and before a trip not good. I did chuckle on the other hand, because something like this happen to me too back in July of 2000! The night my water broke, I was in the hospital trying to deliver my son and our neighbors come to the hospital to let us know, that we had water pouring down our house. Our home was in stilts, and it just so happen that my washer machine hose broke that day as well. My house was flooded and I had to stay in a hotel room with my brand new baby, and was out for about a month. Insurance company rushed to get it fixed, as he needed to be too was a living nightmare. Sorry this is all happening right now, it couldn't wait until you got back home ha? can't wait to follow you.

The White Family said...

Looks like we get our China babies on the same day! We will meet our son on the 13th and cannot wait! I've followed your blog for awhile and love seeing all of your sweet kiddos. Maybe I'll see you in GZ! Hope your trip is wonderful!


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