Friday, June 19, 2015

Ten? Already???

I can't believe our Donovan is already 10 years old!!

We met him when he was 5 
and he turned 6 days before we were 
able to take him away from the orphanage!

(Donut cake requested again by the birthday boy!!)

This crazy, sweet, shy, sarcastic boy
stole my heart with the first photo that I saw of him!

(Wish I had gotten my good camera out - but we were in a hurry to get 
to our last day of swim lessons)

But the more I get to know him,
my love for him grows deeper and deeper!!

This sweetie is incredibly kind! 

He is a nurturer! 
He is the best big brother!

(Best bud!!!) 

Daily, I find him snuggled with one of his brothers!

He loves to help me in the kitchen,
and help Dad and Conner with yard work.
He loves hands on learning!

Donovan loves being on the soccer field!
After almost every game I have a parent come to me 
and complement Donovan on his ability
to read the field 
and his strong leg that is almost always on target!

(T and Donovan have been friends since kindergarten! T was so sweet to Donovan
when Donovan had only been home for 7 weeks and started school!
The boys don't see each other very often but they are besties!)

Donovan does have some struggles,
and birthdays are always a bit rough.

(After soccer game, birthday celebration!!! )

Donovan was raised for the first 3'ish years 
by his biological family in Ethiopia. 
Birthdays always seem to bring up those memories 
and I cherish the conversations that we have about 
his memories,
and the silent moments that we share -
sometimes you just don't have to say a word!

Our family is forever changed by this boy!
We are so thankful to call him "son"!!!

(Mom and Dad couldn't decide what to get our sweet boy -
so we decided to let him pick for himself!
Love that he loves Lego's!) 

Happy 10th birthday Donovan!

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