Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation


What a year!!! 

All the fears I had in sending my boy to his first day of kindergarten!!

Worrying about how the kids were going to treat him!

Worrying more about how the adults 
were going to talk to their kids about him!
(adults can be really stupid)

To see him grow and spread his wings,
not allowing me to walk him down the kindergarten hall,

and then not even want me to walk into the school with him.
Really dude?
Give your mom a break!!

Then breaking the news to him that he would have to have 
major surgery and be out of school,
and away from his friends for 2 months!!

The anxiety of sending him back to school,
in his back brace!
Making sure everyone knew his limitations!

And watching him 
become more and more confident in himself 
and in his friends!!

The looks he got from people at the beginning of the year,
were always so inquisitive.
Innocent - just inquisitive for the most part.

To now, 
we can't walk near the school without students of all ages yelling, "Hagan"
and wanting a fist bump!
And all the girls squeal with delight when they see him!

He is the Super Star of the school!!

Watching my son enjoy his Kindergarten Graduation!! 

Of course, he now thinks he is so smart that 
he "will be going to college with Kenzie tomorrow!
He will bring his clothes and blankets too!"

Ohhh not yet, buddy!! 
I am so NOT ready for that!!! 

Congratulations Hagan!!

You are one in a million!!
We love you more than you will every know!

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Sherri said...

That little man brings joy to my eyes, every single time I see photos of him. Thanks for sharing in his journey. Oh how I wish I could hug him.


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