Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Okay friends, I have another huge prayer request!!

This is about something that have been going on for 17+ months 
and innocent children are the ones who are being hurt!

Presently, there are over 500 children in the Congo who are waiting on their families.
These are not just children who are waiting to be found by their adoptive, forever families,
but children who have been matched, 
who have met, 
who have spent time with 
their forever families.
These children know that there is a family for them.  
These children are caught up in politics that they cannot understand.
All they know is that once again, 
someone has given up on them.

I know the pain that sending photos to Jorja too soon in our 
adoption journey to her did to her.
She continues to doubt that I will keep her safe, 
because I didn't keep her safe.
She still believes that she can conquer the world on her own, 
because that is what 
she had to do for too long.

If any of you have adopted from a country that requires two visits - 
you know the anguish
on both parents and children when you have to leave them from that first trip.
For us we were back in Ethiopia to our boys within weeks -
 and that was horrible for all of us...
and slowed our bonding and trust building!
But these children and families have been apart for over 500 days!!

My dear friends Kelly and Taylor Brewer began their adoption process through the Congo in
January of 2013.

They were matched with their boys in March 2013.

(they couldn't show their full faces -  because they weren't legally their children yet.)

They became the legal parents of Liam and Hank Brewer in May 2013!

Both the Congo and the USA agree and have signed paperwork 
that makes this adoption legal and binding.

The problem is that the Brewer's (and 500 other children)
are missing one piece of paper - 
EXIT Visa's for the boys to leave the Congo.
One little signature from immigration!
They have waited for this signature for over 17 months!!

Here is Liam now...

And Hank...

They have grown so much  
over the past 17 months!!!

The Brewer's are incredibly thankful to their agency 
for the good care that their boys have received,
but n.o.t.h.i.n.g. 
compares to the love of a family!

Please pray for these children who are STUCK in the Congo!!! 
Pray with us that this ban will be lifted and these children can get home where they belong!!

These families also ask that you take the time to sign this petition!!
It just takes a second,
but shows how many people are on their knees in prayer for these families.

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