Sunday, February 8, 2015

I am thankful...

As I laid in bed this morning,
trying to keep myself calm and regulated 
as I am being yelled 
rude, disrespectful words from a child of mine.
This child seems to enjoy 
purposefully waking everyone else in the household,
waaaaaaaay before the sun comes up...

I prayed and thanked the Lord,
for all of my younger children...

Thank you that my child who is manipulative and sneaky...

Thank you that my child can put up a wall 
to guard himself from any hurts.

Thank you for my child who is sassy, sassy, sassy.

Thank you for my child who fights.

Thank you for my child who is quiet 
and afraid to voice his needs.

Thank you for my child who is stubborn
and works it! 

Thank you for all of these characteristics of my children,
because these are my kids 
survivor techniques
the reason they made it out of the hell that 
they once lived. 

Thank you for bringing them home,
so that we can help them 
be vulnerable and know that no one 
will hurt them like that again. 

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