Friday, February 6, 2015

8 years ago, she changed our lives!

I just can't believe it's been 8 years since Jailyn
was placed in our arms.

(this is the last photo we received of Jailyn before we met her)

I will never forget the emotions of that day.

Nervous, excitement, joy...
absolute fear!!!!

We stood in the civil affairs office,
we had already seen a few families be united with 
their children,
and then we saw her out the window.

The nanny was holding her,
I couldn't wait to just grab her and hold her forever!!

I really don't remember what anyone else said to me...
all I knew and cared about is that 
I had my girl in my arms -

She was a peanut!!
She was 16 months old and weight 15lbs.
She was bundled in many layers of clothing,
and was quiet and kinda in shock.

We had brought a hot bottle 
(babies in China drink HOT!! I mean HOT!!! bottles)
Guess our bottle wasn't hot enough -
she wanted nothing to do with it.

But, she was okay.
Not much reaction about anything.
All we wanted to do was get back to the hotel with her 
and start bonding with her.

She was so little - 
but about what we expected -
so we weren't crazy worried.
but, we did know that we had to get her home
and give her the love that she deserved!!

She soon came down with a fever and bronchial issues.
We just continued to hold on to the hope of getting home in 
a few weeks and getting her the medical care 
that she needed.

(she wore 6 month clothes)

We are amazed at what our little girl has grown to be 
in 8 short years!!

She is the caregiver and mother-hen of the family.
She knows every ones business and
keeps us all on schedule!

She loves when family is all together 
and is displaced when someone is missing -
(missing big sister who is away at college
very much this year!!!)

She pushes herself to be the best she can be!
(and somehow always gets to the trophy first!)

She loves to give things to her friends and family,
and prays for all of us!

She has been displaced in the family twice -
by us adopting out of birth order,
but she welcomed her siblings home and doesn't care 
what age they are!

She loves life and 
loves Jesus,
and memorizing scripture.

She is my mini-Plexus Ambassador, sharing catalogs all around town,
 she can't wait to turn 18 so 
she can share the joy of health with others.

The world is her oyster!
Go Jailyn - reach for the stars!

We thought we were doing something good for you,
bringing you home and giving you a family,
but truly you have blessed us -
and given so much to us!!!
You have changed our lives!!

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