Wednesday, February 4, 2015

huge hiccup!!!

As, y'all know the road to international adoption can be long 
and frustrating!!

But, wow!! 

This process to China has been the longest we have every 

And unfortunately we have had a major hiccup
that we are in the process of 
getting resolved 
but will delay our 
union with our kiddos
by many months.

So many months that we may have to re-do some more paperwork!
Our Social Worker is working hard to get this done 
so that this is not the case,
but we have to be ready for the worst case. 

and of course more paperwork means more fee's.

And though,
there have been many times through this process 
that I have seriously been ready to 
throw in the towel. 

Give up!

I can't do this anymore!

This is when God picks me up!
He usually uses my strong hubby,
or our amazing kids 
to pick me up!!
But, sometimes, He just talks to me,
and gently guides me.

And, I look at their precious faces...

and I look at our six little kids -
what if we had said "no" to bringing them home.
Where would all of us be?

We won't give up on these two precious treasures.

Please pray that our paper work will go quickly 
and that God will take this situation and make beauty from ashes.
Please pray that the changes in our timeline do not affect our kiddos 
at home too much -
they are excited to get their brother and sister home,
and hate that Laynee and Miles have to wait longer!!

Please pray for Laynee and Miles,
that God will show himself to them and that they are getting the care that 
they need through this wait. 

Please pray with us that travel time works out,
there are some major commitments this summer. 

Thank you for hanging with us through this process!!

It will be a beautiful day when they are finally in our arms!!


likeschocolate said...

Hang in there! The best things in life are walking through fire for!

Sherri said...

You know, I was about to give up on ours and I refused to re-do anymore paper work when we were waiting. We were still an I600 family back then, and ours we expiring June of 2012 - I was done at that point, if we had no referral. And thanks to our Heavenly awesome father, we traveled in Feb of 2012. And with the wait now, not that I would wait 10 yrs for a healthy child, I would do it. It just seems to be a nightmare to me with all the paper work, changes and rules. The only way I would get another one is if my social worker dropped one off at my door, as she claims she's done it before because the kids just are not bonding with their families. I know I may sound horrible, but that's just me. I'm glad I waited 5.5 yrs for our Emma, she's the prefect child for us and she is so so much like our family, she's the PREFECT FIT! I have a dear friend in another state who will be 60 in March, with 5 adopted children and she still after 3 yrs, is not bonding with her daugther. She said i'm so lucky to have Emma, and enjoy her.


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