Tuesday, February 3, 2015

pulling her closer...

Our Jailyn has had a rough year,
ever since her surgery spring of 2014,
and then her big sister leaving for college,
 worrying about Elijah and if his new school
would truly know how to work with him,
worrying about Hagan and if his school would 
take care of him to Jailyn's satisfaction!

This girl puts the weight of the world on her shoulders sometimes!

So, we decided to pull her closer,
 pull her out of school
and home school her.

Letting her chill out and shake off the worries of the world!

I am very proud of this girl!
She gets up every morning with a good attitude,
dressed nicer then she ever dressed to go to school,
 and ready to learn.

She has enjoyed spending this quiet time 
with momma and Griggs.

And Griggs enjoys this special time with Jailyn.

We are all working to find our new normal.

I am learning how to figure out her learning style
get her the curriculum that is needed for her.

She is excited about field trips to museums,
and so am I -
we are both hands-on-learners!

And look who else is learning good study habits from 
big sister!!

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