Friday, December 19, 2014

a glimpse at our baby boy!

I've watched these videos about 100 times a day
over the past few days!!

Ohhhhhh sweet boy!! 
I can't wait to hear from you!

I still don't think I can actually post the videos on
my blog - (I'm technically challenged!)
but I can send y'all the link! 
Sorry this is so hard to see of our boy -
but you won't be sorry!! 

He is adorable,
and reminds me so much of Hagan! 

He looks so serious, like Hagan is.

Can't wait to loosen this little guy up a bit!

Our friend's daughter translated the video for us,
this is what they are saying in the first video.

Put the corn there.
Get one corn for aunt to look at.
Find a big corn.
Quickly pick up the corn.
Come here.
Go get another corn.
You picked a good one! 
Don't break the corn.
Get two corn.
Get three corn.

CQZ (Video1): (password: cqz1)

And in the second video!

Come here.
Push the car,
Come here. 
Look, look mama is right here
(after he pushed the car into the corner)
Push the car to momma.
Do you see it? (when he looks into the car)

   CQZ (Video2): (password: cqz2)

His legs look so straight! 
His back looks pretty good too -
what I can see through the many layers of clothing! haha!

The great question...
When will you travel? 
Still no idea! 
We are waiting our LOA - letter of acceptance
from China,
(on day 119 of our wait - but who's counting!)
after we get that travel is about 3 months later.

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B said...

What is all that corn doing on the ground?! He is so cute! Smart too!


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