Saturday, December 20, 2014

Abundantly Blessed!!

As I watched Hagan fall asleep on the MRI table,
I was overcome with emotions.
How did I get so lucky!!
This boy has changed our family in so many ways! 

Last night Jailyn was encouraging him before he went to bed,
"Buddy, I've done this,
No owies!
It's like you go into a big donut!! 
Maybe Mom will get a donut for you when it's done!
I'll be here waiting for you when Momma 
brings you home. 
You know Momma will always bring you home!"

Conner woke up early to give his little bro a hug and a pep talk!!
"You've got this bro!!
No owies!!"

From day one, this boy has given Griggs the needed assurance 
that it's okay to go with these strangers!
Griggs still relies on Hagan to tell him
that things are going to be okay. 

Elijah!! Ohhh the difference Hagan has made in Elijah's life!!
Hagan is the only family member that I have never heard Elijah
disagree with!!
He listens to him when Hagan corrects him and encourages him to
make good choices. 
Probl told us not to adopt again,
"It won't be good for Elijah!"
And this is why we listen to God and not people. 

Donovan loves his little bro!
He is so proud of him,
And loves to get down to his level rather then 
Hagan always having to come up to his. 

Hagan has taught Jorja that truly 
good things come in small packages! 
Jorja has always been nervous around people and 
things that she just doesn't understand!!
I tell you, I swell with thankfulness when she puts on her
"Sister Bear" shirt and sticks up for her brother!! 

It's almost been 2 years since Hagan walked into our arms. 
We had no idea what his/our future would hold. 
We were pretty nervous when we got to our hotel and 
saw the condition of his spine. 
And then that first night when Bryan and I didn't sleep
as we listened to every gasp of air, due to his sleep apnea. 

Sometimes God asks us to do things that we just don't understand!
I remember praying during the paperwork process - 
"God, you can still say 
I truly have my hands full!"

But God chose to bring Hagan home to us!!
And we are incredibly thankful 
and abundantly blessed!

And just so y'all know- during his MRI I ran and got him a donut!! 

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