Monday, November 24, 2014

E's supplements

Many of y'all have asked about Elijah supplements
 after his neurotransmitter testing.

Here they are!

He takes them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed time.

He is taking:

Vitamin D3
Phosphoresce Complex
Omega Sufficiency
Amino Acid NR
Zinc Pincolinate
Plexus SLIM
Plexus ProBio5
Plexus XFactor
Plexus BioCleanse

What do these do for him?

With these supplements we are trying to rebuild his missing 
or imbalanced enzymes and cofactors in his chemistry.
These supplements are not a bandaid that makes him behave NOW!
Rather we are trying to allow his body to heal itself.

We are not totally against med for our boy,
but we have to try this first. 
We have to think long term, not just a quick fix 
so that we can get through the day.
(though some days I sure would love that! 
for him and me!) 

Do we see a difference?

Yes and No.
we see a little boy who is learning to understand 
what his body needs,
before impulsively reacting to the need.

it's not a quick fix.

We did have a rough day yesterday,
but in the realm of "rough days'
that Elijah has had -
it was a calm, rough day.
Does that make sense?

What sets off these episodes?

Many of Elijah's episodes are set off from fear.

Fear of change is a big one!

Elijah loves his school and classroom.
Weekends are often very hard for him.
Though he loves being home and playing with the family -
it is a transition and transitions are hard.

Knowing that he has a week off of school,
and his familiar schedule,
this is very hard. 

He is also very excited that Kenzie, Uncle JB and Mimi 
are coming home for Thanksgiving!! 
We are all excited, but again, this is different,
and Elijah doesn't know what to expect.

So, we will pull him closer and give him little 
projects to help him stay focused 
and stable. 

It's a lot of work,
but it's so worth it!

Some of the kids were asking the other day,
why does Elijah do what he does,
and one reason is because he is sooooo very sensitive!

He and Jailyn tie for being the "mother hens" of the 
younger kids!
They both want to take care of their other siblings.

Every day, 
Elijah shows compassion to Hagan.
He prays for Hagan constantly,
and wants to help in anyway he can.
(Thankfully Hagan's brace scares Elijah a bit -
so he's not taking Hagan's care into his own hands. )

He is not a bad kid! 
He is a kiddo who needs healing! 
He wants so badly to make good choices!

So far, he is making better choices with these supplements.

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Kristi said...

Just wondering if you have looked in Nero-feedback, it has done wonders for my ADHD / RAD kid and for my Sensory Intergration Dysfunction kid as well.


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