Friday, November 21, 2014

A beautiful arch!!!


I am just speechless!

Here is a photo of Hagan's back 
just the day before surgery.

and this is his back before we left the hospital.

The first night out of surgery,
he rolled over 
and I could see the arch in his back.

I cried and cried! 

Look at that beautiful arch!!!
(the dotted line is his center of gravity -
he will be much more balanced now!!)

When we returned home from the hospital
Hagan asked me to measure him,
I giggled!

He was right!

He grew 2 inches!!! 
and is so excited to be 
taller then Griggs again!!!

Incredibly thankful for all of your prayers through out this journey!
We still have a long recovery ahead of us,
the emotional side of every thing is beginning to take a tole on 
our little man! 

Thankfully, big sister, Uncle JB and Mimi are 
coming home for Thanksgiving!
A change of scenery will be good for Hagan!

1 comment:

Becky Ryder said...

Wow, I just showed my dad sitting next to me...that's a miracle! How awesome!


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